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Moving to a new home is a big decision whether you’re moving to your new owned property or a rented one.  No doubt, just thinking about the packing and unpacking involved in a moving process is exhaustive, so how about the rest of the tasks? The complexity of the matter sometimes leaves no room for evaluating the area you will live in prior to making an informed decision.  This part is crucial as you won’t be able to easily change your mind once your made a choice.  The flexibility you have when deciding to renovate or redecorate your home is not by any chance applicable to your chosen neighborhood.  Once you make up your mind, you are part of this environment for as long as you will live in this neighborhood.

The good news is that the UAE is home to multiple choices, tastes, ways, and lifestyles.  Looking at Dubai’s neighborhoods specifically, you will be amazed by the available diverse communities which offer a breadth of options, ranging from luxury living to affordable residences and much more. 

Here are the tips you should consider before moving to a new neighborhood:

1. Access to essential services

Compromise isn’t an option when it comes to securing your basic needs.  An essential feature of an attractive neighborhood is its Proximity to a health facility, a police station, a grocery store, and all the essential service facilities.  Therefore, you should always look for a neighborhood that serves this purpose.     

2. Schools

Schools represent an integral part of a neighborhood.  A family always seek to look for a school near their home.  The other thing is that it is an added value to the property when you think to sell any time as it will positively affect its selling price in the future. 

3. Parks and landscapes

Spending more time in parks and open spaces has become vital in our daily life routine more than ever before.  Leading a fast-paced stressful lifestyle makes it essential to relax and enjoy the green space after spending long hours in a busy city.  This is why choosing the right neighborhood translates into a better quality of life.      

4. Amenities

A perk of living in a nighborhood with amenities is to provide comfort and convenience.  An open space for fitness and exercise, a swimming pool, and a play area for children are all becoming not only desirable but basic to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a fun way.  Also, a neighborhood that is equipped with amenities will sell faster and easier than that which is not. 

5. The community

Exploring more around the place and finding out how the people are and how they behave in the community is crucial.  Take a drive around the place or may be park your car and take a walk and find out how your future neighbors spend their time outdoors.  If you’re looking for a real assessment of the place, mingle with the people and introduce yourself to some of them if you wish to know more about the community.  Random conversations will draw your attention to minor details that even the best neighborhood brochure won’t offer.

6. Location 

Location must be emphasized as it is key to make wiser decisions.  An ideally located neighborhood is an inviting place to attract buyers or tenants.  The right location means closeness to shopping malls, restaurants, public transportation options, grocery stores, banks and so forth.  No doubt, location is convenience in every way.  

As much as we spend considerable time inspecting a home, we should also prioritize assessing the neighborhood to make it a unique living experience.

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