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One of the main pillars every real estate agency seeks to achieve is to hire the right panel of real estate sales agents. Sales agents represent a company's human capital that brings economic value to an organization. Therefore, the careful selection of the sales team is of utmost importance. To successfully hire the right skill set of a sales team, a company should thoroughly evaluate sales candidates.

There are special qualities that every real estate agent should possess. Creating a win-win situation in business is a smart strategy and could be achieved once these traits drive the success of such agents and help them stand out among others. In this article, we'll discuss the intangible qualities that agents should possess so that companies would effectively raise their productivity levels.


The main qualities you need to become a successful real estate agent:

1. Honest

In the Real estate sector, closing a deal is the sought-after target for every real estate agent, even if it means misleading or deceiving clients.   This is exactly how agents have been depicted in the business.  In practice, an honest and trustworthy agent is a company’s asset and the client’s first choice.  The realty business involves buying and selling services which consume time and funds; therefore, trust is a key factor that highly influences clients’ decisions. Not only that, but also, clients would recommend a successful sales agent and spread the word among their acquaintances if they showed honesty and transparency throughout processing a transaction.   

2. Good communicator

Good communication is essential.  Clients expect high standards of communication in many ways.  Building a strong rapport with clients through practicing active listening, understanding clients’ requirements, communicating with transparency, and resolving any rising disputes or misunderstandings are key pillars of effective communication.  Any real estate service involves a long journey of communication, starting from offering options, negotiating them, drafting a contract, until a deal is successfully closed. A strong communicator understands clients’ needs, knows how to build trust and respect, and create effective ways of productive negotiations.

3. Self-motivated

Being a realtor puts you in a position of being self-driven by your own success.  In other words, there are two factors that influence a realtor when it comes to self-motivation.  First, regulating working hours and deciding on what and when to accomplish, like scheduling a viewing is primarily a personal decision and this makes it even riskier as freedom and flexibility come at a price.  The responsibility of managing one’s time and acting like one’s own boss is a burden that requires focus and organization.  The other thing that reinforces the importance of being self-motivated as a realtor is the fact that an agent’s financial stability is dependable on how much they sell.  Most of the realtors are paid on commission-only basis and they realize that this is the nature of the profession.  So, to achieve in this business, developing the mindset of self-motivation is a sure way for success.

4. professional

A sales agent should always be personable, yet professional. Above all else, real estate sales agents should invest in educating themselves on how to deal professionally with clients and to adopt behaviors that would always position them as business specialists who know their rights and obligations. A good sales agent should act with professionalism to build a positive relationship with clients. The secret sauce to grow as serious business achievers in the industry is to be well organized and knowledgeable in addition to following proper professional etiquette at work. 

These key personality traits may come naturally or can be acquired through dedication, learning and commitment.

Choose wisely! A career in real estate is not everyone's bread and butter.

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